Compass 3.2.1

Slick compass app for Android


  • Very customizable
  • Magnetic or True North
  • Night mode


  • High battery consumption - a problem
  • Your phone can provide most features without this app


If you're the adventuring type, it will probably make you pretty happy to have an app like Compass on your Android phone.

As you can probably guess, Compass is a multi-skinned Android compass app. As well as offering you 6 different compass types, you have 5 different backgrounds to choose from. The configuration options are also pretty impressive, so you should be able to tweak Compass precisely to your liking.

Compass for Android is made even more useful by the inclusion of an Add Place function, so once you add a location of interest, you can navigate your way back to it by using the My Places tool. Just bear in mind that the Add Note feature requires a separate download. You'll also have the option to use true or magnetic north, or activate the GPS for location setting.

You can definitely argue that if you have an Android, you don't really need a compass application. Even so, there are plenty of people who will want Compass anyway, and it has to be said that in a wilderness situation, you'll definitely make more of an impact with Compass than Google Maps.

Outdoors types will definitely get a kick from this accurate and attractive compass app.

Fix true North on Honeycomb Various bug fixes


  • Fix true North on Honeycomb Various bug fixes


Compass 3.2.1

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