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Help & Info about Compass for android

  • Does the Compass drain device battery very quickly?

    Whenever your phone needs to use things such as your GPS, gyroscope, and such, it has to power those pieces of hardware. Since the Compass app uses a number of your mobile device’s hardware components, it has to power them, which drains your battery more quickly than usual.
  • Is there a way of saving battery power while using Compass?

    The software needs/requires the use of numerous hardware components that all need powering. There is no way to pick and choose which pieces of hardware it uses, which means there is no way to save battery power when using it.
  • Does it offer magnetic north or true north?

    You may have the compass point at true north and at magnetic north. True north points to the geographic north pole whereas magnetic north points towards the magnetic north pole.
  • Why can’t I find the Compass app on the Google Play store, Blackberry or Windows store?

    The app has a location limit. This means that it is only available in certain stores around the world. You may find the app on Google Play in one country and not in another. That is why people use other websites to download the app if they are unable to find it on Google Play, Windows Store, etc.
  • Are there different compass types and modes to choose from?

    There are four modes. There is a digital camouflage background, a sea navigator background, a special ops background, a space cowboy background, and an urban hiker background. Within each mode, you will be able to find the options that allow you to add a place, add a note, and see your “Places” file. These are the tools you may use, irrespective of your current mode, to save locations and notes about your locations.
  • What do all the numbers mean?

    You are going to have to do a little research or know a little about geography to draw full benefits from this software. You will have to Google what the numbers mean and what they stand for in terms of your location, where you are going, your speed, and so forth. For example, you will have to find out what “Altitude” means and what “Accuracy” means with regards to your altitude. In addition, you will have to get used to the app’s use of feet and mph instead of meters and kilometres per hour.
  • Can I add notes for certain locations so I may find them again?

    The developers also created “Catch Note,” which is why it is integrated into the Compass software. As a result, you are able to add notes to your app using the underlying Catch Note software.
  • Can I share my location-based notes with friends?

    There is a share function that allows you to share coordinate/locations and the notes you added to them.
  • Why is the app free?

    It was developed for a logistics company, and the developers decided to release it for free because it could be useful to other people.
  • How precise is the Compass software?

    It is only as precise as the instruments it manipulates. Since it will be manipulating your GPS, then it will be accurate to within six metres each way. Other metrics are also determined based on your mobile device’s hardware, such as your current speed, roll, pitch, and so forth.


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